We provide a variety of professional, flexible, integrative services, offering Neuro-rehabilitation support work and therapy assistant work. 

We are dedicated to improving quality of life, promoting maximal function in the home and the community, and helping clients reach their goals. We work closely beside case managers, therapists and personal injury solicitors. We understand the need for clear, scientific documentation and rehabilitation goals which are regularly reviewed.

Therapy Assistant potentially will....

Implement psychological strategies under the guidance of clinical psychologists and other members of the support team. You will gain experience of clinical report writing, supervision and be in attendance of Multidisciplinary Team Meetings.


Provide support to clients with daily tasks around the house such as cleaning to more specific tasks such as meal preparation, planning activities and managing daily/weekly budgets  

Provide support in the community such as communicating on the client’s behalf if they present with social anxieties. Supporting clients to appointments, trips to different cities or to community places such as coffee shops.