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Become a Complex Care Support Worker

A Complex Care Support Worker is a professional who helps individuals with complex needs to live independently and access the local community. They are trained, skilled, experienced and highly qualified professionals who work as part of a team to carry out a range of tasks and duties to support individuals with the physical and mental aspects of their health condition. Complex Care Support Workers enable those who are vulnerable to live an independent life whilst providing individualised, compassionate care.

The Job Role

  • Provide direct care and assistance to the service user with activities of daily living. This may include elements of personal care, transfers, and feeding.

  • Offer emotional support, addressing both the social and emotional needs of the service user.

  • Supporting with organising and participating in social activities with the service user.

  • Perform medication administration and monitor health status to reduce health complications.

  • Maintain positive relationships with individuals, families and other healthcare professionals.

  • Complete all required documentation, including care plans, progress notes and incident reports.

Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience in working as a Complex Care Support Worker.

  • Strong work ethic including ability to set priorities, complete work independently, and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to coordinate with outside agencies, including family, physicians, and other professionals.

  • Provided previous support in a similar role which included observation, monitoring and adjusting to the service users changing needs.

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