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Providing rehabilitation assistants, therapy assistants and support workers for clients with traumatic brain injury, autism and other traumatic injuries. 

NeuroSupport Services

NSS is an introductory agency, recruiting support workers and therapy assistants all over the UK

We strive to work under a model of supervision from the MDT, implementing strategies from the treating therapists in order for the client to reach their rehabilitation goals.

The majority of our workers are psychology graduates with experience of working in mental health or brain injury.

NSS takes great pride in putting people first - so we’re able to perfectly match people with positions. We also offer all our healthcare assistants flexible working hours and free mandatory  training. When you choose to work with us you’ll be working with some of the most esteemed public and private clients the Healthcare Industry has to offer.

NSS  have rehabilitation assistant jobs with some of the most prestigious NHS and Private clients across England.

 NSS is also Communication Accessible Accredited (registered 2021) 

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NSS is closed on Bank Holidays

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