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Client & Case Manager Referrals

NSS provide a variety of professional, flexible, integrative services, specialising in Neuro-rehabilitation as well as offering Personal Assistants, Rehabilitation/support workers, Senior Support Workers & therapy assistants across the UK. 

NSS are dedicated to improving quality of life, promoting maximal function in the home and the community, and helping clients reach their goals. We work closely beside case managers, therapists and personal injury solicitors. 

All of our support staff are met, interviewed, referenced, and assessed by our highly qualified recruiting professionals, ensuring that you get the correct help when you need it.

We create a high-quality healthcare workforce and maintain their training up to date so that they are ready to meet your hiring needs.

Recruitment Process 

How it works



NSS receive a referral with relevant client information.
* NSS have a “Referral form” which allows us to recruit specifically for each and every clients needs.(see the attached below)


NSS check the current Support staff in that particular area, to see if any appropriate workers are  available.
* If none are available, NSS will recruit Support staff on your behalf for the area using our recruitment strategies.
* NSS will strive to recruit someone as quickly as possible- this can take up to 8 weeks or potentially longer if the case is complex or in a remote area.


Once a suitable candidate has been sourced and has been processed, we will pass on their CV an contact information.
* NSS will also include Costings/Quote.


Once a “Meet and Greet” has taken place between the Support staff/client and confirmed the client is happy to proceed, NSS will send our Terms Of Business to be signed,
and Support work can commence.



If you are a potential client ,Patient or case manager that is sourcing  Support Staff- please download the below referral form, complete and send to:

Where one of our team will be happy to help with your enquiry.

Thank you!

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Working With The Best

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